Busy Year at Capital City Chorus!

In the spring, we travelled to Lexington, KY, for regional competition, excited and thrilled to perform for the judges and our regional friends, and very eager to debut a brand new package of songs, sparkling new costumes, and our awesome new director! We had a great time all weekend long, and especially on stage! Our seven quartets in the Quartet Contest on Friday, all did us proud. Congratulations to them all.

We especially congratulate the winners, Glamour!, our very own director Stacey’s quartet! They won with the second highest regional quartet score in history (not just regional history, but for the entire Sweet Adelines International organization). Saturday was Chorus Day, and we relished the response from the audience when our name was called. We had a blast, and are so proud of our own placement in the contest, and progress this year! We came home with TWO medals! There is much to be proud of and celebrate, with Second Place AA (mid-size chorus division), and Third Place overall!

And, celebrate we did, there in Lexington at our Contest Night Chorus Dinner, and the following Thursday, at our Year-End-Celebration! We had dinner, we watched our contest video, we sang a bit, presented longevity pins and certificates, attendance awards, partied and sang a bit, installed our new Management Team, and best of all, announced our Sweet Adeline of the Year (SAY), Peggy Adams. Peggy was among the five women nominated by our singers for this honor, and ultimately received the most votes in the chorus wide election. This exciting announcement was made by Lynne Stern, CCC’s 2015 SAY. This honor is very well deserved and we congratulate Peggy! She serves as one of CCC’s Bass Section Leaders, and offers her service and expertise as our all-knowing “web-guru.” Those nominating her repeatedly referenced her always positive attitude and her willingness to help in many different areas of the operation of the chorus. Peggy helps us to present a truly 21st century virtual presence with her attention to our webpage and to Groupanizer, our chorus’ internal communication system. Our internal and external communication depends on Peggy and her team, and she continually tackles the jobs in those areas that most of us have no clue how to do! Her commitment and dedication to CCC is second to none. Besides all this, Peggy is a wonderful woman and delightful person to have among our ranks.

Summer has not been a time of let down for us. We are polishing our performance skills, learning two new songs, had two coaching sessions, welcomed guests, presented an hour-long performance at Carmel’s beautiful Palladium, for the Opening Night Event of the National Conference of Mayors, invited other Indianapolis-area Sweet Adelines to perform The National Anthem with us at a Friday night WNBA Fever game, and are preparing to celebrate CCC’s 60th Anniversary as a chorus, at a huge party, Saturday evening, August 27th. More information on this fantastic celebration will be coming soon. 


News Alert: Effective August 11, Capital City will have a new rehearsal home. We will be rehearsing at the same time, 6:45PM, at Christ Lutheran Church located at 345 N. Kitley Ave., Indianapolis. We are excited to be making this change, and hope you will drop in and join us at our new location.


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